Burglar Alarm System

OmniVision offers customised electronic burglar alarm system solutions. We provide full installation services, expert after sales support and burglar alarm system and monitoring solutions tailored to your individual requirements.

Our burglar alarm system and monitoring services are based on the best electronic triggering and signalling units available and can alert business owners and authorities to fire, theft, or other risks to property and personnel.

We can design and implement a system to detect specific threats using video analytics to recognise faces, number plates and other objects as well as fire.

OmniVision alarms can be installed as part of an entire surveillance solution. Alarms can be integrated with intercoms, CCTV Surveillance Systems, IP cameras, video analytics and access control.

How is it implemented?

Burglar alarm systems tend to work best alongside other surveillance solutions such as access control, CCTV systems, IP access control, video analytics and purpose built security cameras. Some of the benefits of using a customised solution are:

  • Motion/object detection - be aware of threats before they are an issue.
  • Fire detection - obtain fire alerts when a fire has started and before a fire spreads.
  • Perimeter security - protects the area and receive notification of unwanted intruders.

Alarms systems will be installed in the required area and can be modified to suit the intended purpose. OmniVision works with each client to devise a surveillance solution that is suited to their specific requirements.


Why Choose OmniVision?

OmniVision is at the forefront IP surveillance, access control, CCTV Surveillance Systems and video analytics. Our trained personnel are experts in latest technology and products ensuring our clients get the best IT and networking security. This includes:

  • Alarm monitoring and burglar alarm systems

  • Access control - specialised IP access control and intercoms

  • Video Analytics technology - face recognition, number plate recognition, people counting, traffic flows, object detection and fire detection
  • IP Cameras
  • Security Maintenance
  • Patrols and Guard Services

For more information on our leading security solutions, contact OmniVision on 1300 688 788 or submit an enquiry form.

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