Endeavour Petroleum

Jeff Griffiths, Owner & Founder, Endeavour Petroleum

Hi, I’m Jeff Griffiths, the owner and founder of Endeavour Petroleum. We’ve been using OmniVision for eight years now. A company that provides security, you would imagine that the relationship would be one where we’re looking at always bad news. The interesting thing with dealing with this company is it’s not the case. At Endeavour Petroleum, we basically found out that our security system can also be used in many different ways to help run the business. One of the things that we do now, is we are always filming our internal store location… Some of the time we view that to look at how we can improve the services. We also establish how our site looks, and what our program’s doing, how well our displays are, what colors are in place, what signage in regard to pricing and our discount specials.

It’s not just a security system, it’s our vision into our sites, every day of the week. In the facets of security, their systems have been clearly the reason why our theft is down, our prosecution rate is up. When we are supplying video that is so clear that even locals can start to recognize the vehicle or the person concerned, it has led us to actually getting quite a lot of people through the court system. Frankly, that’s where I want them. Away from our sites and probably sitting in jail, rather than out and loose on the road.

The other aspect that I think is really different about the OmniVision team, is that we’ve actually got to know the in-stores. We’ve got to know all the people in the office. It’s not just MJ, it’s his whole team. I can have talks with them about the best placement of cameras, get their ideas. They know what we’re looking for as a company. They instinctively tailor the offer and the services they provide. They don’t require any special attention. It’s fantastic the way they just filled in and reduced our cost by doing a quick install that’s really effective. Then they’re there at the end, training our staff how to take over and use the equipment. As it goes from a suppliers point of view, they’re one of our top suppliers, and one that we look forward to working with into the future.