Robyn Cross, National Assets & Project Manager, Fuelco

I currently work with Fuelco here in Victoria, but we are a national company in the petroleum industry and have tanks and do instillation work. I’ve previously worked … at Reliance, where I was the National Assets and Projects Manager. In Reliance, we did a phenomenal amount of work with OmniVision…. we did all our maintenance with OmniVision and moved all our systems from analog to digital systems, which were extremely beneficial for our business, the ability to be able to read data, have clear vision of number plates and drivers behind vehicles, therefore reducing the amount of theft on sites. We’re also able to read data back through our systems, which was a first for us in our business and being a remote network, that was of course very ideal. We then moved into the project work and did a huge amount of projects, both refurbishment of retail sites, but we also put above ground tanks out on sites in very remote areas of Australia and were able to not only put in digital security systems but were able to collaboratively work together to put a lot of innovation in. That is one of the things that I think Omni Vision come to the fore on, is their ability to be very innovative and to work collaboratively with businesses to come up with solutions.

We put in a lot of additional technology within the front of the tank to enable us to read data back and have additional security features not only linked to the cameras onsite but security features so that we could tell every time the doors were opened, who was accessing the tank and what they were doing. We were able to read data back from an environmental perspective and feed the data back through Omni Vision systems, which was the first also. That innovation reduces the risk for environmental impacts and also from a business perspective across so many different facets.

It was excellent to work with such a team that was so professional, that could work off plan, that was so communicative, that we would be able to pick up a phone, talk through things, make adjustments, make changes immediately and still keep our projects on plan and on time. I found OmniVision always excellent to work with, very responsive at all times, after hours and during work hours and nothing was too much of an effort or a problem for OmniVision to manage. I would recommend OmniVision to any business on so many different facets and they are an excellent business to work with currently and historically as well.