Mulgrave Country Club

Kerry Scarlett, General Manager, Mulgrave Country Club

My name is Kerry Scarlett and I am the General Manager at Mulgrave Country Club. I engaged OmniVision approximately two years ago to assist us with our CCTV requirements. The reason I engaged OmniVision was that I was impressed with the quality of their camera system. I have an underground car park that was having several issues and I was unable to read the number plates on the cars. This system, I can now read the number plates on the cars and have caught a lot of villains in the process in the last two years.

It is great over our tills because I can settle a lot of arguments with customers and staff as to what denomination note they gave. You can see clearly the colour of the note. I have been very happy with their service over the last two years. If I have any issues with my gaming cameras, they are here promptly to fix them. I would be happy to recommend OmniVision to anyone that is looking for any CCTV requirements in their venue.