Swinburne University


Rob Stockini, Swinburne University

My name is Rob Stockini, I am the Security Systems Coordinator for Swinburne University. We were approached by OmniVision about three years ago, quite timely, because we were looking for another security contractor at the time. We use OmniVision for access control upgrades and also CCTV roll-outs. We’ve found them to be very innovative and cost-effective for the issues that we’ve been having previously.


Kain Jarvis, Swinburne University

My name’s Kane Jarvis, and I’m the Associate Director of Corporate Services here at Swinburne University of Technology. We’ve used OmniVision now for three years. Likely in our security division, which is bottom line portfolio. Security is very important to the university being a place of mass gathering. With recent events we’ve increase our electronic security systems.

We originally heard about OmniVision approximately five years ago. We didn’t use them for the first two years. However, when we were looking for some more providers approximately three years ago we picked up their card, gave them a call, and we’ve been extremely satisfied ever since. We’ve found that OmniVision has not only been a service provider, but has also become part of our team. We’ve been able to reduce theft, increase workplace safety, and reduce our costs across all of our budgets.

In recent times we’ve used OmniVision to do our complete service maintenance for the entire campus. That consisted of around 900 cameras. They were able to plan and execute the project in an extremely efficient manor, and were able to complete it in approximately three weeks, which was a lot quicker than most of their competitors. We have found that OmniVision has an excellent range of products. Their sales support and field staff are second to none.

If I had to say three things that I value about OmniVision it would the service quality, cost effectiveness, and the capability of their service staff. I believe that any large scale institution would benefit from getting OmniVision on board. Not only from a budgetary point of view, but from a service excellence side of things. Also for some of their other engagement projects, such as a charity donation that we worked with OmniVision with to supply CCTV cameras to local schools in the area. It was a fantastic project, and we hope to be working on more of those soon with OmniVision.